Laser Cut Keys

Do You Know Why Laser Cut Keys Are Becoming Popular?

The need for high-end security for the vehicles was realized first in the 1980s when the car theft cases started increasingly reporting. With standard cut keys, it was pretty easy for thieves to steal the automobiles with a duplicate key. Since then, the automotive industry has been looking for something tough to decode. At last, their search ended with the manufacturing of laser cut keys.

In the form of it, vehicles got an extra blanket of security.


1.    Locks Are Harder To Pick

With advanced technology in laser-cut keys making, it becomes difficult for thieves to pick the lock. Compared to cars with standard keys, thieves require extraordinary skills to pick the lock of laser cut car keys. Hence, your car will be pretty less vulnerable to thieves.


2.    Difficult To Duplicate

It is not easy to produce a duplicate it by someone with limited sources. As you know, they require special laser cutting equipment during their manufacturing and that equipment is quite expensive. A person (especially those involved in such crimes) can’t easily access this type of equipment and often lacks the skills. Hence, it narrows down the chances of making a duplicate key for your cars with bad intentions.

3.    No Identical Matches

Did you ever unlock someone else car accidentally with your car keys? In the past, when standard car keys were commonly used for car locks, it often happened. The make and model of the same cars are often alike with standard keys. This leads to incidences of unlocking and enter a similar car using your keys. However, with laser cut keys, it doesn’t happen. They have a unique and very precise design that allows you to open the vehicle that belongs to them.

Again, thanks to the pioneer of laser cut keys who paid attention to their design and craft them with a unique pattern.

4.    Laser cut keys Have Transponders.

What if someone succeeds in making a duplicate and unlocks your car? This time, transponders rescue you from losing your vehicle. Each laser cut key possesses a transponder inside its head. It is specific to only one vehicle. When you insert the keys in the ignition, it identifies it to start. Otherwise, it will shut off.

Final Word:

Along with all these amazing benefits of laser cut keys, there is one demerit that sometimes makes you think once before you invest in a laser key car model. Fact that these keys can’t be made at a local hardware store, you won’t be able to get into your car if you are locked outside or misplaced the keys. Therefore, if such kind of situation happens to you, you may find yourself in big trouble.

You need to contact your car dealership or find a skilled locksmith with another set of laser cut keys. Also, these edge-cut keys are expensive than standard keys. The reason is their manufacturing involves pricey equipment. Furthermore, locks often use for luxury cars.

Above all, the benefits outweigh these demerits.

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