House Lock Change

When it is Time for a House Lock Change

Have you been putting off getting the locks in your house changed because you think you will have time to do so later on? Unfortunately, neglecting to get your house locks changed can lead to a bad situation.

You may find that one day you are locked out of your home when you really need to get inside or you may find that one night, you are unable to lock your doors. Neither of these situations are good to be in. It’s much better if you take the time to change your locks when you realize they are starting to become worn.

The Most Common Types of Locks in a Home

Homes have many different types of locks. Whether you need your deadbolt changed or your doorknob lock fixed, when you see the first signs of trouble, don’t ignore them. It can help you out in the long run to perform a house lock change when it is needed.

A deadbolt is a type of lock that locks by having a horizontal bar wedged into a hole known as the box, making it impossible to open a door when the deadlock is locked. It is a very secure lock when it is working properly. However, like any other type of lock, a deadlock can become worn and begin not to lock properly. Before getting a new deadbolt, you might consider lubricating inside of the lock to make sure it is not just a simple fix that can you can do yourself. Also, be sure that all pieces are securely in place the way they should be.

Another type of lock in your home is a doorknob lock. Not every home will have a deadbolt, but most homes have a doorknob lock at the very least. A doorknob lock is most commonly keyed on the outside, giving users the opportunity to lock and unlock a door with a key. The inside part of a doorknob lock allows users the opportunity to lock a door from the inside. A doorknob lock can get jammed so that it becomes impossible to lock. If your doorknob does not work after you have tried lubricating the doorknob and adjusting all screws, it might be time for a new one.

Why you should Not Ignore Your Locks

Both doorknob locks and deadbolt locks needs to be in proper working order for a homeowner to have a secure home. At any point, a malfunctioning door lock can put a homeowner in a precarious situation. Instead of waiting for that to happen, you should call a locksmith to do a house lock change.

A house lock change is a job that can be done in very little time by a trained professional. Some homeowners choose to try to tackle the job themselves, while others choose to leave the job to the professionals. By calling a professional, you may find that you can actually save money. A professional can determine if you really need to purchase all new locks or if there are some pieces that can be salvaged.

Some homeowners choose to purchase new locks for several doors in their home at one time. This is an option for you to consider if you know that there are other locks in your home that are in need of attention as well.

You might consider calling a locksmith to ask for a quote for your house lock change. A professional locksmith will be able to give you an idea of how much money you will need to get your locks back in working order.