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Local Automotive Locksmith Services

Amongst the most common services that Bob Locksmith is called upon to provide to our clients in Connecticut are those specialized jobs pertaining to motor vehicles.

Car security is important. Although the long term trend of car theft in Connecticut is down, statistically for every 1000 people in Connecticut, nearly 2 will be the victims of car theft each year! Keeping your vehicle’s security systems in perfect working order is important.  The most commonly stolen cars are 90’s era mid sized and compact Japanese models, especially Hondas.  In a 2013 interview with The Hartford Courant, the police chief of Bridgeport noted that the parts for these models are largely interchangeable and in high demand for older vehicles. Many late model cars have advanced security systems like transponder keys, which make them harder to steal.

In building a reliable local automotive locksmith service for our clients throughout Connecticut, Bob’s knew that we would need to be prepared for a range of automotive related services. While most of the time Bob’s is called on for relatively simple matters like Key copying, that isn’t always such a cut-and-dry affair.

What’s so special about car key copying? That depends on the type of key your car requires.
The mechanically cut basic keys of old are a piece of cake to copy. Sure, your dealer would love to charge an arm and a leg for this service, but the truth is any local automotive locksmith can crank out basic car key copies at a fraction of the price charged by a car dealer. Where key copying can become more of a sensitive issue is with transponder keys and so-called ‘smart keys.’

Nearly all car models produced in the current century make use of transponder chips for better security. The chip transmits a unique signal to a receiver in the ignition, which will not start unless this signal is received. Either mechanically or laser cut, copying transponder car keys cost significantly more than basic keys, and involves programming by a special machine that only a qualified automotive locksmith or your dealer will possess. So what are ‘Smart Keys,’ then? These are the ‘keys’ that have no metal or mechanical bit to insert into the ignition at all. They use rotating transmitted codes to start the ignition electronically. To copy this kind of ‘car key’ you might have to go to your dealer. Bob’s will always be honest with you about what kind of services we are genuinely able to provide.

Beyond key copying, transponder keys and car key fobs that simply lock and unlock your doors and trunk must be programmed using a complex process and a machine which bestows special codes upon them. The resulting key is much more expensive than a basic key, and it is important that you work with a qualified automotive locksmith….The good news is that working with a local locksmith like Bob’s for transponder key programming and key fob programming is once again a lot less costly that working with your car dealer!

Another common automotive service we locksmiths see is ignition switch diagnostic and replacement.How do you know if your ignition switch needs replacing? Well, this depends…Ignition switches are made up of two parts—an Ignition lock cylinder and an electronic switch. If the vehicle suddenly dies, or if accessories like windshield wipers stop functioning, this could be a sign that the electrical switch portion of the switch is bad, or of other problems with your car’s electrical system that would require you to seek help from an auto maintenance specialist. If, on the other hand, inserting and turning your key is labored or impossible, either the key or the cylinder is the likely culprit, both of which an automotive locksmith can help you with. If your cylinder frequently jams up, and you have confirmed that your key is not bowed or misshapen in any way, you might try using an electrical contract cleaner or lightly tapping on the ignition plate with a small hammer to release stuck pins. However if you are also are experiencing electrical problems or these methods do not work, you probably need a new ignition switch. To be sure, call a trusted local locksmith with specialized automotive experience.
     Last but not least, ‘tis a lucky car owner that has never become locked out of his own vehicle. At Bob Locksmith we’ve seen it all. And while automotive lockout can be quite a serious situation,—if a child or pet is locked inside of the vehicle for instance—usually it is just an embarrassing inconvenience. Bob’s trained automotive locksmiths are experienced in providing re-entry to a very wide range of makes and models of car. We’ll respond to your car lockout situation within 15 minutes any time of day, and any day of the week. We will provide you a transparent and competitive cost for you to accept before dispatching our local technician, who will get you back on the road quickly, courteously and without a scratch added to your car! Want to know in detail how we get you back into your car? Read about our Car Lockout Service.