Install High Security Locks

Install High Security Locks Are high-security locks worth it?’ may be a question posed by two categories of clients. While seeking for the most budget-friendly option,, the first sort of customer may want a bit of extra safety, but nothing too technologically savvy and high end. High-security locks may not be the best option for that type of customer. However, please keep in mind, when it comes to locks, the adage “you get what you pay for” holds true. The second type of consumer may want a high-security lock and willing to pay a premium for a high level of security.. Such consumers frequently want to keep precious belongings secure behind a locked door. These people understand that a lack of a competent lock would result in a significant financial loss. If you want to get the best door locks for home security, you must first determine what type of customer you are. If there are other entryways, such as windows, that robbers are more likely to utilize, a standard lock may suffice. However, if sliding doors or windows are securely secured, high-security locks are the best door locks for home security. This is especially true if the offender has tried and failed at other methods of access. So, what is a high-security lock anyway? When describing a lock as “high-security,” many factors must be considered. The following are just a few important considerations. Residential High-Security Locks When it comes to residential properties, locks are one of the least likely to be compromised in break-ins and thefts. In most cases, intruders gain access to your home through a window, sliding door, or a backdoor that has been left open. The benefit of having a strong security lock will not help much in this situation, as the criminals will still get access through other means. We recommend the following options for increasing the security of your residential property:

  1. Including one-way deadbolts (that can only be operated from the inside)
  2. Simply upgrading your locks to a higher security brand/type would suffice
  3. Including a complete security solution, such as security cameras and sensors. All of the following will boost your home’s security more than a high-security lock, and in many cases will be less expensive.

The only exception to this rule is if you have something of considerable value in your home to protect and have already taken all of the other security steps stated above. You already have locks on all of your doors and windows, as well as a security system. In this instance, installing a high security lock makes sense because your lock becomes the weakest link in your house security.

Commercial High-Security Locks

The scenario is a little different when it comes to business buildings. In many circumstances, installing a high security lock makes sense. This is owing to the high value cash and items that many brick and mortar businesses keep on hand, as well as the fact that commercial facilities are generally built with higher security systems (temper proof glass, commercial metal doors, less windows etc). One of the most crucial concerns in this scenario is the system’s cost. High-end security systems, such as Medeco, are relatively pricey. The cost is manageable as a one-time expense and depends on the number of doors and locks you want to secure. Routine maintenance and operational costs, such as rekeying, are where things get pricey. If you have a high staff turnover rate and employees are fired in unpleasant ways, you may wish to get your keys rekeyed on a regular basis – which can get pricey. However, one advantage of employing a system like Medeco is that staff are unlikely to be able to replicate the keys – because only Medeco licensed specialists can duplicate the keys and require a lock certificate to do so (so if you keep the lock certificate safe it is very unlikely an employee will be able to copy the key). It

is critical to remember that the lock is only as secure as the door on which it is installed. Selecting a high-security lock may not be the best option for all customers. However, if you do require one, BOB Locksmith will be happy to assist you in selecting the best lock for your needs.