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Ignition Keys: What are the Main Causes of Car Ignition Key That Won’t Turn or are stuck?

Once you insert the ignition keys into the ignition system, they go into the ignition lock cylinder. This component is located within the electrical component known as the ignition switch.

After inserting the ignition keys, all you expect is that it runs smoothly, and your engine starts working within 2 seconds. Occasionally, the opposite occurs! Certain rare circumstances can make it difficult to turn the ignition key. Keys can fall into the ignition system, preventing the car from starting.

In this whole ordeal, the only thing required is to identify the causes and find a solution for the ignition keys. Here are a few highlights of significant causes you should know about:

Main Causes of Car Ignition Keys That won’t turn or are stuck

1. Using a Worn-out Key

Wear and tear keys are one of the main reasons your ignition keys are stuck in the vehicle and not turning. When you use one key for a long time, it may become worn out. When you forcefully insert the key in the hole, it can bend a bit. You won’t be able to align the ignition key correctly into the ignition lock cylinder once it is bent.

2. Steering Wheel is lock

The steering system of every car has a locking key mechanism that activates when you remove the key from the ignition. As you remove the ignition keys, your car steering wheel may inadvertently move in the wrong direction. In this case, you might encounter a problem when you insert the key a second time.

3. Ignition cylinder is fully Jam

Lint or grease will build up on car keys if they are not used for a long time. When you insert the ignition keys into a cylinder with much grease on it, the cylinder will stop working due to the debris clogging it. Leaving debris to pile up over the keyhole can create more problems for you. You can take guidance from an expert locksmith to know when a cylinder is fully jammed and when it requires cleanliness.

4. Gear is not Neutral

Another primary reason is when your gear is not in a neutral position. You have to place it in a neutral direction before you insert the ignition keys. If the gear is not in the perfect position, the keys will never function smoothly.

5. Weak battery

Modern cars are all equipped with an advanced system of electronic ignition. They are functioning properly through battery power. Verify your battery power and see what issues are arising in the battery system. Replacement of the battery is also possible for which you have to hire an expert locksmith.

A Final Word

In summary, we have a simple solution for you, which is to replace your ignition keys. Look for a locksmith who can handle your car key replacements as well as programming and key recoding. Visiting a car dealership is also an option to consider.

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