Ignition Replacement

Ignition replacement: few key facts on ignition switch replacement

Owning a car and not having enough knowledge about it is tricky. To keep the vehicle intact and function properly, maintenance is the key. All car owners should know the basic things regarding vehicles to keep them safe. So, in this article, we will clear some of your queries and discuss facts on ignition replacement.

The starter switch also called an ignition switch, holds the control of the main electrical system of the vehicle, also is responsible for the activation of other electrical accessories of the car such as; power window, and radio system, etc.

Purpose of the ignition switch

Access to the ignition system is allowed by the ignition switches, a key is inserted in the ignition switch to unlock it and reaches the ignition system for its activation. This whole process aid in starting the vehicle. Though, the technology advancement introduced keyless ignition switches later. Which activates the ignition system even without the keys.

Need for ignition replacement

The need for ignition replacement should be noticed carefully and closely since the ignition switch failure indicates the need for ignition replacement. Since the failure of the ignition switch may lead to difficulty in starting the car. Also, in some cases, damage to the power of the fuel system and ignition system occurs. Which is quite difficult to handle and may cause damage to the engine too.

Signs that show the vehicle needs an ignition replacement

If any of these signs appear in your vehicle, the professionals should be called immediately to get it checked. And the major issues in the vehicle may need professional help to be resolved.

Car starting issues

If the car is not starting after turning the key, it may indicate a fault in the ignition switch. The fault may be a break in the switch or something. Call the mechanic for help he might suggest the ignition replacement.

Key not turning in the switch

The key may get stuck in the ignition switch if there are any issues in the system, which leads to another fault. And the car might not turn to the starting position. When the key doesn’t turn in the switch, the car doesn’t move. In such inconvenience get immediate help from a mechanic.

Flickering dash lights

This sign is rarely present in ignition failure. If you notice flickering dashboard lights while driving it might be due to a fault in the ignition switch.

Things cause the switch break or any other fault

·       Repetitive switch contacts

·       Collapsed spring

·       Temperature problem

All these factors can lead to broken or fail ignition switches and may cause difficulty in starting the vehicle. So the ignition replacement serviced should be called as soon as possible, to get your car fixed.

Note – failure of ignition switch while driving can shut off the engine right away. So be careful and take the regular checkup for your car.

The cost of ignition replacement

The total cost for replacing the ignition switch is $125-$275 including labor and cost of the other parts. Further, the labor is around $50

Can A Locksmith serve ignition replacement?

Yes, a locksmith can definitely help you with the ignition replacement. Moreover, they help you resolve other major issues in your vehicle.

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