Frequently Asked Questions Connecticut Locksmith Services

Where are your locksmith and security services available?

Connecticut Locksmith serves all of the towns shown on our home page under areas we serve in Connecticut. Not sure if that includes you? Call us to find out at 800-301-2997!

When should I ask a locksmith to do a routine checkup of my locks?

Routine inspections are beneficial not only to ensure properly functioning locks, but also for the peace of mind they provide regarding your home’s safety and security.You should call your locksmith in intervals of 5-6 months.

What is the meaning of a code?

Have a close look at any lock or key. You will likely see a mixed alphanumeric series like UT2589, TY45CCSX, etc. This is known as the “code” of a key or lock. These codes help your locksmith cut a key more perfectly identical to the original, which will fit your particular lock perfectly.

Why do locksmiths recommend rekeying all locks when moving into a new house?

Whether moving into a new home or one previously inhabited, you just can never know who has had access to keys or what has been to the locks in the past. Do previous residents or visitors still have keys to these locks? Are the keys original masters or duplicates that may be more difficult to copy in the future?  For safety, convenience and peace of mind, always change all locks or ask your locksmith to re-key the locks before moving to a new house or apartment..

My main door lock keys were lost or stolen, do I have to replace the entire lock?

Please call us immediately for local locksmith services. We will re-key your lock if possible or replace the lock in its entirety if necessary.

How do I open a safe without possessing the combination?

If you have valuables in a safe for which you do not have the combination, you will be very hard pressed to open it without the aid of a qualified local locksmith.

What is the meaning of “impressioning”?

Key based impressioning is a traditional technique of key copying involving first pressing the source key into a soft material such as clay or silicone to create a mold, and then casting a new key using low melting point metal, epoxy or other materials. These days most keys are copied using key cutting machines, however.

Manipulation based impressioning is used when there is no source key to use for copying. A carefully selected and specially treated blank key is inserted into a lock and carefully manipulated up and down with a vice grip in order that the blank may pick up markings indicative of the cuts necessary to produce a working key. The key blank is then removed and cut to match the lock, using UV light or other means to enhance recognition of the markings.

I know a guy who knows a guy that has very capable hands— Why should I prefer your services over his?

Sadly enough, the locksmith trade is all but taken for granted these days. The fact remains that performing reliable and durable locksmith services to protect you and your property requires years of experience, considerable training and much more than a small amount of inherent skill.  With a professional team of locksmiths like us, you get much more than your local ‘Guy Friday’ can offer:

• 15 minute emergency response time

• No price gauging or hidden charges! You will be provided a fair, transparent quotation BEFORE we do the work. None of the ‘bait and switch’ tactics used by some Locksmiths.

• Quality locks, guaranteed. Bob offers a 3 month warranty on simple locks and a full 1 year warranty on more expensive lock and security systems.

• A strong reputation and customer service ethic that includes courteous, personalized service, free consultations and advisory to new and returning customers.
Do you really want to know why working with Bob Locksmith service is the best option available to Connecticut residents? Give us a shot. We think you’ll soon understand!