Doorknob Lock

Every one of us has used a door knob before, I mean they are everywhere after all. It’s as simple as turning the door knob (which retracts the latch) and pushing or pulling the door open. No one thinks much about it, how it works, or why it is such a vital part of a door’s physical security makeup, but it is necessary and a door can’t really be used without one. BOB Locksmith, on the other hand, do! A door knob is equally as important as a door’s frame, deadbolt, or door itself. A door knob is the first point of contact between the door and the frame. Most doors with a door knob also have a deadbolt lock placed above it. If it does not, your door may be vulnerable – for more information, please see our lock installation page. Because of the door knob, the actual door “latches.” Your door would open and close with the slightest breeze if you didn’t have that door knob! It is a remarkably simple, but crucial, door component. Door knobs can also be used for a variety of purposes: Entry: A door knob with an inside button and key access on the outside. Storeroom: A door knob on the inside with no button and key access on the outside. Privacy: Typically used in bathrooms, this door knob has an internal button but does not require a key on the outside and may be opened with anything long enough to fit in the hole. Passage: A non-locking door knob that latches but does not lock the door. It is critically important to select the appropriate door knob for your door and conditions. While certain lesser grade locks available at hardware stores may be adequate for internal doors, you must ensure that your exterior doors are secure. Invest in your security by contacting BOB Locksmith to obtain the highest quality hardware available for your budget