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Residential Locksmith Services in Connecticut:

Every 15 seconds in the United States a home burglary takes place.
Worse yet, 1 out of every 5 homes in America is the victim of violent home invasion or burglary at some point in time. If that makes you think of a clad-in-black mission-impossible type stealthily cutting into a back window with a diamond headed circular saw, think again—most of those burglars walk right through the front door. The good news? There’s a lot you can do to make sure you’re not the next statistic:

A word to the wise—Make sure all of your family members are well rehearsed in responding to strangers at the front door. Criminals often pose as maintenance workers or other authorities to gain easy entry. If you feel threatened, don’t be afraid to call the police.

     Whether moving into a new home or one previously inhabited, you just can never know who has had access to house keys or what has been done to the locks in the past. Do previous residents or visitors still have keys to these locks? Are the keys original masters or duplicates that may be more difficult to copy in the future?  For safety, convenience and peace of mind, always install new home locks or ask your residential locksmith to rekey the locks before moving to a new house or apartment. Oh—and don’t forget the garage door opener!
      One solution you’ll want to consider in your residential security strategy is a master lock system by which one ‘master key’ can grant access to all locks within the system. This allows selected individuals to have consistent access to all locks within the system, without carrying an unruly number of keys around. Say a family member loses their bedroom door key, or an emergency makes it necessary for Mom or Dad to enter a teenage child’s bedroom….you’ll be glad that a locksmith installed a master lock system for you.

      When it comes to your house locks,quality counts!Bob Locksmith is proud to be able to offer experienced, skilled installation of Schlage and Kwikset products to its client base throughout the state of Connecticut at very competitive prices. In business since 1920 and 1946 respectively, Schlage and Kwikset are amongst the most trusted names in high security locks for both residential and commercial use. With a range of unique security solutions to prevent unauthorized entry from high quality old-school deadbolts to advanced ‘smart key’ technology,
      Keyless locks (also known as electronic keypad locks), are also becoming more and more popular means of entry to residential homes these days, especially as apartment or condominium locks. Rather than making use solely of a mechanical key, these doors can be opened by punching in a unique password on electronic buttons on the outside face of the lock apparatus. While elimination of the need to fiddle with keys is one convenience, the principle attraction of keyless locks for many of Bob’s residential locksmith service customers in Connecticut is that they allow temporary access to visitors without the security concerns relating to potentially lost or copied keys. Simply issue a temporary code for your guest or service provider to use on the electronic key pad and change the code should you wish that person to no longer have access.

      Your options in high security locks for your home do not stop there.As a Connecticut homeowner today, you have a veritable smorgasbord of advanced security systems to choose from, ranging from biometric systems that require scans of your fingerprint or retina to open, smart key technology that allows you to easily reprogram your home locks and full wireless integrated alarm systems that allow you to monitor and control entry, fire safety and other home security concerns by remote on your mobile phone or tablet.

     Beyond making your home a safe place to live, Bob Locksmith provides fast, reliable, inexpensive key duplication to more than 50 towns throughout Connecticut.

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