Key Extractions

Key Extractions: What to do with broken or stuck keys in a lock hole?

It can be so frustrating to have your car key broken or stuck in key extractions for no reason at all. What should you do if you find yourself in a similar situation? If you can’t open the car lock, you should consider getting a key replacement. Therefore, you must hire a reputable locksmith to handle the issues.

In the following article, you will learn what to do if the lock is damaged or keys become stuck in the key extractions. So, let’s move on to the discussion below:

Use of Extractor Tools for Quick Key Extractions

When you hire a specialist locksmith for their services, you will notice that they use a broad range of key extractions tools to fix the problem.

Since locksmiths have years of experience working with these tools, utilizing them is not a difficult task for them. It takes just 15-20 minutes to remove a key.

The key extractions tool can be used depending on the situation in which your key has been stuck. If the key is only partially broken or somehow slipped into the lock, some special tools may be helpful.

The broken key should not be extracted all by itself because even a tiny mistake can cause it to fall into the keyhole. You must exercise caution!

Steps to Follow

Here are the steps to follow if the key is not working in the lock hole:

  1. Wear gloves and apply dry lubricant over the key and lock. The key will slip out of your hands all the time if you don’t wear gloves.
  2. After applying the lubricant, look for any tweezing items in your house. These tweezers are useful for pulling your broken key from the main hole. In addition to tweezing, you can also use bobby pins or pliers. As a result, you can pull out the key with less effort.
  3. You can even apply some lube over the key area so that it gets soft, so you can easily slide in and out the broken key.

Note: You need to be highly cautious when inserting and removing the key. This will allow the key blade to penetrate further into the key extractions lock if not functioning correctly.

Do Key Extractions Processes Differ According to Vehicle?

Yes, that’s true! A car’s key extractions process is different from a truck or a motorcycle. A locksmith will always follow the extraction approach and use the appropriate tool based on the model of your vehicle. Trucks and bulldozers have large keyholes, so there are certainly some giant tools available for them. You can hire an expert locksmith and see how they use different tools for the better functioning of key extractions.

A Final Word

It will be challenging for you to attempt key extractions with a broken or stuck key if it is not pulling the key out of the hole. To remove your broken key from the lock hole, you should call a reliable locksmith for their best key extraction service.

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