Emergency Locksmith

Locked out? Here’s all you need to know to hire an Emergency Locksmith.

Being locked out is embarrassing and inconvenient, but we’ve all been there—it’s not the end of the world. Before you think about removing a door from its hinges or breaking in through a window, take a moment to consider your options. If you have your key, try a little WD-40 to see if you can unjam the lock. If you are a home renter locked out during business hours call your landlord to request use of the spare key. Of course if you’ve had the forethought yourself to keep a spare key with a neighbor or in one of the popular ‘hidden key boxes’ available on the market, then pat yourself on the back for good planning and get on with it. Otherwise, it looks like you are going to need to hire a local locksmith to pull you out of this jam.

Choosing a 24 Hour Locksmith:
Even if you have planned well ahead, that friendly neighbor with the spare key is most likely not going to be happy to hear from you at 3 am. A 24 hour emergency locksmith offers on-call services around the clock on a rapid response basis. Hiring a 24 hour Locksmith is a relatively easy matter, provided that you keep your wits about you.

If you panic and choose unwisely, you might find that this small inconvenience becomes an inordinately troublesome and quite expensive ordeal!  Be forewarned—an unfortunately high number of 24-hour locksmith services have been associated with poor service provision as well as unscrupulous price gauging. If an emergency locksmith tells you he needs to break a window or drill through a door and that doesn’t feel right—trust your instincts. Ask for alternate solutions. Get a second opinion. When you first make contact, confirm wait time, cost and payment terms clearly by phone. If you feel you are being up-charged or unreasonably persuaded, you probably are.

Bob’s Emergency Lockout Services:

Bob has been providing a wide range of emergency and non-emergency locksmith services since 2009. Bob’s qualified team of locksmiths are on call to respond to lockout emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the state of Connecticut. When you give us a call, we will provide a reliable and cost competitive quotation over the phone in advance before issuing a technician within 15 minutes to handle your emergency. Bob’s 24 hour lockout solutions principally consist of emergency lockout assistance for automobiles and homes.

Auto Lockout Service: Bob Locksmith’s highly trained technicians know how to recognize the varying needs of different car makes and models and apply the appropriate remedy, whether you drive a high end sports car featuring the most up to date electronic locking systems or an old clunker with manual pull-up knobs! Bob’s auto lockout specialist will take great care not to scratch or damage your vehicle in any way and have you back on the road in mere minutes.

Home Lockout Service: While there are some types of locks or lockout situations that really are difficult to judge by phone, most house locks can be opened without resorting to expensive and potentially door-damaging measures—a common problem with dishonest or unskilled locksmiths. At Bob we have seen it all before. After checking your ID, (after all you do not want strangers in your home and we don’t want to let them in!) Bob’s courteous emergency house locksmith will clear the lock and get you back home where you belong, for the price agreed in advance, at any time of day.

Why more Connecticut residents choose Bob Locksmith:
Bob Locksmith was established in Fairfield in 2009 and has built its reputation by providing fast, honest, hassle-free emergency and non-emergency lock and security services at reasonable prices to homeowners, business people and motorists in Connecticut.

Bob serves over 50 towns and surrounding areas throughout the state of Connecticut. We have helped thousands of local customers quickly, conveniently and inexpensively with their emergency house lockout, car lockout and office lockout needs. We offer a 15 minute emergency response time, transparent cost in advance by phone and highly skilled technicians providing friendly and courteous service.

Of course, we are not only a 24-hour locksmith. Bob’s offers a wide range of lock and key services including home and office lock changes, key copying, and installation of high-end security systems and safety devices. We are a full-service operation with the ability to handle auto key fob and transponder key programming, keyless entry systems for commercial sites and many other individualized locksmith services.

If you are in need of an Emergency Locksmith in Connecticut, or would like to discuss non-emergency locksmith needs with one of our customer care associates, give Bob’s Locksmith a call at (203) 416-6576 or (860) 256-8222.