Storage Lockout

Be Prepared and Avoid a Self Lock Up Storage

If you temporarily have to downsize your home or apartment to go to a smaller place but don’t want to get rid of your things, a storage unit is one way to keep your things. Students who live in dorms at college often can’t fit all of their belongings in their dorm room. One option that many choose is to get a storage unit to keep the things that they don’t use regularly but to which they will still need to have access occasionally.

At one time or another in most of our lives, we will have to get a storage unit to store some of our things. While it is not the ideal situation, it is a necessity for millions of people. Most of us would prefer to have all of our belongings under one roof, but that is not always possible.

Keeping your Items Secure in your Unit

One of the most important things to remember when renting a storage unit is to keep your items secure. Purchase a quality lock. Cheap, poor quality locks can easily come apart or jam. Neither of these options are desirable when your personal belongings are involved.

Since many storage units are outdoors, there may be times when people are roaming the area at night looking for a unit to burglarize. Don’t make your unit the easy target! Always check and double check your lock when you leave your unit. It takes only a few seconds to check, and it can help to keep you from having to go back to an empty storage unit on the next visit.

How to Avoid a Storage Lockout

If at all possible, you would want to avoid a situation of not having access to your belongings because of a storage lockout. When you purchase your own lock for a storage unit, it is a good idea to make yourself a copy of the key just in case your original lock gets damaged or misplaced. You should put this extra copy in a safe place so you will be able to get it in case your primary key gets misplaced.

It is often a good idea to give a spare copy of your storage unit key to a trustworthy friend. You don’t necessarily have to tell them where your storage unit is if you are worried they might visit and poke around in your things. Simply give them a copy of the key to your storage unit and ask them to keep it for you in case of emergency. Then, if you find yourself missing your key, you can simply call your friend and have them give you your spare.

What to do if you have a Storage Lockout
Unfortunately, sometimes even the best laid plans do not work out as we would like. You may find that you are face a storage lockout. You have lost your keys or your lock has become damaged and you cannot get into your unit. You might be tempted to panic. However, you can get access to your items by calling a professional locksmith

When you call a locksmith, they will come out to your storage unit and look at your lock. Of course, they will see if they can pick the lock first of all. Since a professional locksmith has experience with a variety of different types of locks, they might be successful picking your lock. However, they may have to cut the lock if picking it doesn’t work. Either way, a professional locksmith will make sure you regain access to your belongings with a minimum of time and frustration on your part.

Residential Locksmith

Services Performed by a Residential Locksmith

You have probably heard of locksmiths before. A locksmith is a professional trained in the art of working on locks. And, it really is an art. They help us keep our homes and businesses secure by installing locks on doors and windows. You probably know that they also unlock our homes, cars, garages, and other areas when we lock ourselves out of them. But did you know that not all locksmiths perform the same services?

What is a Residential Locksmith?

A residential locksmith is one who works on locks for homes. A residential locksmith would perform services such as installing new locks, servicing existing locks, and other services specifically for homes as opposed to performing these services for businesses.

Not all locks are the same. There are different types of locks for residential needs versus the needs of a business. It makes sense, therefore, to make sure that you find the right type of locksmith when you need one to do a job at your residence.

When Should I call a Residential Locksmith?

There are a variety of reasons why an individual would call a residential locksmith. As mentioned above, residential locksmiths install new locks. If you are purchasing a home, whether it’s a new construction or one that has been lived in before, it’s a good idea to call a residential locksmith. A residential locksmith can install brand new locks for you or service the locks that are currently installed in the home. If there are locks that you don’t have keys to, they can create a key for you which might save you the money of having a new lock installed.

While it is possible to purchase a lock kit at a hardware store and install it yourself, it’s usually a good idea to hire a professional. If hire a professional residential locksmith you will have peace of mind knowing that your locks are installed correctly and will keep your home safe.

Some people purchase a home that has been lived in by others without changing their locks. This could be a risky situation. If you purchase a home that someone else has had a key to, they may still have a copy of the key. This means that they could potentially still have access to your home. For your own peace of mind, it’s a good idea to simply get new locks when moving into in previously lived-in home.

If you do decide to call a residential locksmith, make sure you call one that has the experience to do the job that you need them to do. Security is an important part of living in your home so you should ensure that the person who does the job knows what they are doing.

Why Choose Bob Locksmith

At Bob Locksmith, we have been in business for years. We have serviced customers in over fifty Connecticut towns. Our goal is to give each of our customers the best quality service at a price that will not break the bank. We want our customers to refer us to their friends and come back to us again when they need locksmith services.

We operate under a system of transparency and honesty, never pulling the bait and switch price gouging trick that some unseemly locksmiths might attempt. When you call us, we will respond to you within 15 minutes and give you a quote over the phone so you know just what to expect.

If you need a residential locksmith in Connecticut, call us at (203) 416-6576 or (860) 256-8222. We would be glad to help you with your residential security needs.