Key Programming

Do you know what key programming is all about? With time, the threat of car theft is increasing; now, car manufacturing companies are planning to introduce some safety measures in their cars. In 1999, a microchip technology was introduced for car safety with which no one would be able to start the vehicle. This might be helpful for you to stop car theft, but it is not that great if you damage or lose your car keys.

To better deal with it, you should make new keys and get them reprogrammed if they are broken. This is where you get to know about the key programming process for your car. Let’s dive into more discussion about car key programming.

What is meant by car key programming?

When you are in the process, you don’t need to wait for the key repairing manufacturer to visit you. You will get instant results with the reprogrammed key.

This generally starts when a blank pre-set chip for the reprogramming is inserted into your car’s new key. In this way, it would be evident that it matches the current settings of the vehicle. You can easily start the car one more time without any hassle.

Is it possible to do key programming yourself?

No, it is not possible! You cannot reprogram the keys yourself! Although there are some models which allow you to do so. But it might vary based on country and manufacture. The process of reprograming the key is so painful that it even stops the thief from stealing your car away. Therefore, it is always important to consider professional help for reprogramming the car key. Hiring a specialist is always the best option to perform the programming process with alertness to get reliable results.

Working Process of Car Key Programming

Now let’s get into the discussion about how the key programming of a car works. The whole process might differ from one car model to another one. But the process generally adds up into three major steps, which are:

  1. Assess the whole car to know about its making, model, and vehicle year. This is how you can identify the actual blank key fob and the essential tools for the vehicle to process with.
  2. The next step is about key programming the transponder chip through standard equipment. If possible, you can also clone the key.
  3. Finally, test the car key to make sure that everything goes perfectly. Possibly, in the first test, the key starts working. But still, if it doesn’t work, then it requires some more programming to do with


To get reliable services of key programming, you can hire a specialist locksmith. They know all the techniques to perform the programming process. They have all the equipment with which you can perform the necessary reprogramming of chips to match your car settings. The time duration of the key programming process will vary depending on your car model and pre-set key settings.

Perform the key programming now and get your car save from the theft attack!


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